Refined Remedies

Developed in collaboration with PhytoArk/Phytosphere Swiss Lab:
Sarah Schneider, Project Leader in Phyto-Inspired Cosmetology
Geneviève Marie-Sainte, Engineer in Cosmetic Formulation

Refined Remedies is a collection of well-being products made with the extracts of alpine plants. My personal interest in the potential of plants in the field of design led me to a collaboration with PhytoArk, a technological site dedicated to the valorisation of alpine plants through natural ingredients, and Phytosphere Swiss Lab, a laboratory with expertise in cosmetic care product formulation.

The resulting collection renews the value of herbal remedies through refined objects that soothe, cure, and nourish within different daily scenarios.

Refined Remedies es una colección de productos de bienestar hechos con extractos de plantas alpinas. Mi interés personal en el potencial de las plantas en el campo del diseño me llevó a una colaboración con PhytoArk, un sitio tecnológico dedicado a la valoración de plantas de los Alpes a través de ingredientes naturales, y Phytosphere Swiss Lab, un laboratorio especializado en formulación de productos cosméticos.

La colección resultante renueva el valor de diversos remedios herbales a través de objetos refinados que alivian, curan y nutren dentro de diversos escenarios cotidianos.


1. Resist and Persist edible fruit tape for period pain relief. Made of dehydrated apple-pear paste, infused with Alchemilla vulgaris extract, a natural hormone balancer for women.

2. Soft as porcelain solid face mask. Made with pulverised extract of Rhododendron ferrugineum, an anti-skin stress agent. Compressed into a tablet with face clay powder.

3. Winter Stopper extreme dryness butter bar for the skin. A chocolate bar-shaped hydrating cream. One portion can be applied over the entire body. Made with Rhodiola rosea extract, an intense hydrating agent.

4. Dew Drop soothing patch for cuts, scrapes and minor burns. A biodegradable patch made with the gelified extract of Alchemilla vulgaris, also a known antiseptic.

5. Emergency Only stress relief candy. Glass candy infused with Rhodiola rosea, a historically known stress reliever. To eat, the stress candy has to be smashed into pieces.

6. Wake me up moisturising eye sponge. Recycled sponge material infused with an eye tonic made of Vitis vinifera extract to reduce dark circles.

Diploma Project for Master Product Design at ÉCAL . Assessed by Thilo Alex Brunner and Augustin Scott de Martinville. Jury: Sam Hecht (Industrial Facility), Gemma Curtin (Design Museum London), Sylvain Willenz (Sylvain Willenz Design Office)

Product photography by Jagoda Wisniewska
Lab photography by Isabelle Stauffer