Children’s utensils to shape and play with potato
Designed with Tania Gutiérrez and Aída Limón


A family of utensils for children to build their own causa limeña, a Peruvian dish of mashed potato filled with chicken, tuna or vegetables. The utensils consist of a potato masher, a mould to make potato cubes, an extruder to make space for filling in the cubes and form the leftover potato into different shapes, and a small knife and cutting board.


This product was designed for a workshop directed by Fab Lab MET (Metropolitan Museum of Lima). The task was to propose a series of products for children that could be fabricated by laser-cutting. A later version was proposed combining wood and acrylic.

Peruvian potato varieties grown in Chiara, Ayacucho

The potato, as prepared for Causa Limeña, is a versatile dough that can be easily handled and manipulated. This kit allows children to make their own versions of Causa Limeña, while experimenting with the different varieties of Peruvian potato, that are easily accessible locally, and which can be found in different colors, textures, and flavours.









extrusor regla

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