Costa Sierra Selva

This project is the result of a year-long investigation supported by PUCP and developed in the Faculty of Art and Design. Assessed by Edith Meneses, Architect, Art and Design Department Chair. Project in collaboration with Paloma Duarte, CEO of Misha Rastrera.

A collection of wellbeing products made in collaboration with Peruvian company Misha Rastrera, who look to divulge and promote local knowledge of medicinal plants by working with and empowering a network of rural producers from all over the country.

The collection’s name refers to Peru’s three main geographical regions (the coastal desert, Andes mountains and Amazon jungle) and celebrates the country’s innate biodiversity by using ingredients that are produced locally.

Una colección de productos de bienestar hechos en colaboración con Misha Rastrera, un emprendimiento peruano que busca difundir y promover el conocimiento local y ancestral sobre las plantas medicinales y que trabaja con una red de pequeños productores en todo el país.

El nombre de la colección hace referencia a las tres regiones geográficas principales del Perú y celebra la biodiversidad del país utilizando ingredientes que se producen localmente.

Photography/Images by Paula Cermeño León