Redesign of a low-cost blender in order to improve comfort of use, while keeping the same materials and fabrication constraints. (Bachelor project)

The original blender was analysed in terms of ergonomics and usability. Then it was dismantled and studied part by part: all parts were measured and drafted. Other blenders on the local market (Lima, Peru) were also analysed to determine product features and their relation to pricing.

despiece total.104

antigua jarra.22_













The key aspects considered for the redesign were: stability of the base, ease of use of the jar, usability of the buttons, cleanability of removable components (base of the jar, blades). For the redesign I kept in consideration the original materials, basic internal mechanisms, and fabrication processes, in order to stay in the low-cost price range.


licuadora general armada.106

licuadora general armada.87untitled.95





jarra test02




despiece total 1
Original Blender (Miray LM-61V)

electrico 2

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